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What is my shoe size

Un Paso Más offers two simple methods to choose your correct size in our online store, you just need to follow these indicated steps.

Use these methods as a reference, as sizes can vary slightly depending on the model measurements. In general, trust your usual size, but when choosing shoes, always check the description as you may find a note on the model sizing (it can fit large, small or tight depending on the manufacturer).

Method 1

  1. Print our size guide disabling the “Fit to Page” option on your printer, so it will be printed in the correct scale.
  2. Place your heel along the dotted line drawn on the template.
  3. Position your right foot flat against the paper, and indicate the end of your foot with a pencil mark.
  4. If you are between two numbers, choose the larger.

We recommend that you repeat the process on the other foot, as it is common to have differently sized feet. If that happens, you should choose the largest size.

Method 2

If you can not or do not want to print the size guide, then you can do it manually. You will need a piece of paper, a pencil and your feet.

What do I do?

Put one of your feet on the sheet to measure its length, you must do so from the longest toe to the heel. The easiest way is to draw a straight line on the piece of paper and place the longest toe and the heel on the line.

Firmly press your foot onto the paper. Mark the end of your heel on one side of the line and your longest toe on the other side. Measure the distance of the marked length, and now you can check your size with the help of the table. Repeat it with the other foot, as it is common to have differently sized feet. In this case, you should choose the larger size to avoid a tight feeling on one foot.

If, despite these tips, you find that your shoes do not fit you correctly, you can return or exchange them within 15 days after receiving your order.

Standard size chart for men and women:

EU Size353637383940414243444546

International size equivalents for women:


International size equivalents for men:


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